Dividing America along racial, economic and educational lines continues the mentality of distrust that is revealed liberalism in general. Liberalism is an abusive belief system. Abused people support their abuser and defends them against their rescuers. Until they get enough! We have had enough.

Most African Americans support:

• School Vouchers   • Social Security Reform • Elimination of Death Taxes • Elimination of Marriage Tax Penalty • Lower Taxes Overall • Fair & Equal Competition, not preferential quotas • Less Government regulation and control • Conservative family values • Marriage between men and women only • Pro-Life BUT THE PROBLEM IS:

Most of black America is trapped in a mindset of slavery on a plantation of government dependency and lies. Mason Weaver has demonstrated that the UR2BFREE can deliver an effective message.

Without the Republican Party being in direct support of UR2BFREE, support for the NEW UNDERGROUND RAILROAD can be established by the groups and individuals that believe in the same ideas and goals. An underground system of sending UR2BFREE speakers across the country to speak to groups on university and college campuses, inner city areas, churches, civic groups and business organizations can help establish a grassroots movement through which information can readily flow.The UR2BFREE website (www.UR2BFREE.com) will feature continuing information updates available to members of UR2BFREE’s “SafeHouse Network.”


The American Culture was founded out of despair, hopelessness and abuse.


Indian rights were far from reality, women rights to vote were not even a thought and the plight of black people was in the hands of the abuser. Politically everyone was looking for the best “compromise” to avoid making decisions. No one wanted to confront the strong political forces on both sides of the issues. The American public were being told what to think and feel based upon location, race and faith. No one was standing up for principals or righteousness. It was a battle of spirits then and it is the same battle and same spirit now. It took a restraining force to combat it and we need the same restraining force to come to our aid again.

The restraining force against the spirit of slavery and discrimination, hatred and misery must stand up against the spirit of defeat and despair, dependency and depression.

The forces of oppression have always been met by a restraining force. It stood up in History at the right time for the right cause. In response not to the needs of certain people or groups, but the requirements of society and sanity. It stood in the pathway to destruction, slavery and death. A restraining force for good and righteousness. We are not ashamed of that restraining force. It came to free my ancestors; it came to free others from oppression in Europe. The restraining forced caused our founders to cross the ocean to escape. That restraining force continued to guide America to a place of perfection it will never obtain. Being human beings, we can only guide ourselves closer to the light. The restraining force has, more than once, forced America to her knees when she drifted off her course. The restraining force, more than once, tore this nation apart to guide her back on the path.

We have been facing the steady onslaught of the forces of oppression and dependency. It is time for the restraining force. It is a spirit we are facing. The same spirit that consumed the hearts of men who were establishing slavery as a way of life. The same spirit that beat in the hearts of the conquers of Europe in WWI and WWII. It was the spirit the old Roman Empire called “Divided and Conquer,” the old segregationist called it “Separate but equal” and today they call it “Multicultural”. It is a spirit of division while speaking of unity, hatred speaking of love and dependency yet speaking of independence.

However the restraining force which stirred in the hearts of that first meeting of the Abolitionist still beats in our hearts today. We are pedigreed, lovers of liberty, freedom, family and honor. When the worlds needed us, we showed up. We always win when we show up. The fear of the oppressor is that one day again, we will show up. It is time that we show up.

The oppressed are afraid to face the forces of oppression. The oppressed do not think they can win against such a force. What they are looking for is a force capable of standing with them and for them. They need: THE RESTRAINING FORCE!

Just stand up! Stand up against over taxing, over regulation and over bearing government. Stand up against the management of every aspect of your life. Who will stand? Who will stand for dignity, honor and hope? Who will stand for passion, love and family? Who will stand for those too weak and frighten to stand for themselves?

The restraining force will stand. The restraining force will again come to the gap and push back. The restraining force will give America the same old choice. The choice of freedom for all or slavery for all. America knows that no one is free until all are free. The restraining force needs to stand tall. The restraining force needs to be clear. The restraining force will win because freedom is natural.

When they hear the rumbling of the nation, let them know. It is the restraining force and we want our nation back.

We have over came…this day. We have served notice on every force seeking to divide us up. We are awake and united. We recognize no separate issues, all issues affect all Americans and every issue will be under the pressure of the Restraining force. America will welcome us joining them in the fight for freedom. The love of liberty is the restraining force. America needs you, the world needs you.

The mystery of misery, do we support the abuser instead of the abused? Do we want comfort in slavery or the abolishment of slavery? Not Common ground but the solid ground.

WE AT THE UR2BFREE Organization HAVE HAD ENOUGH. We have had enough! Enough of child abuse called public schools. Enough taxing us too death and taxing us after death. Enough of surrendering our National Sovereignty. Enough of fighting a war to break even. Enough guilt! Enough foreign oil! Enough of punishing achievement. Enough pretending we do not know what “Illegal” means. Enough of being told we have to “pay” for a tax cut. We have had enough!

Everyone who has had enough should join us. Everyone who is tired of being afraid of their government should join us. We are tired and we have had enough. ENOUGH!


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